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Improve Media Workflows

Whether you are a corporation looking to capture audio interviews with text conversion, a regulatory agency with an urgency to transcribe documents, a media agency who needs language identification and translation, or an educational institution with archival needs, AppTek’s media tools have you covered.


Archive Optimization

AppTek’s solution automatically generates rich metadata of audio and video assets to unlock hidden value in your media. By tagging within your media at the specific keyword level, you can quickly and effectively transform your content into searchable, discoverable and repurpose-able assets.

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Language Identification

AppTek’s Language Identification solution accurately and automatically identifies the language of source audio and text in over 30 languages. This capability is particularly useful to verify the language of audio tracks or subtitle files in multi-language feed environments prior to play out.

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Audio Alignment

With AppTek’s Alignment tool, your audio and video content can be automatically segmented at the word level, providing users with valuable time-coding information. This allows for existing transcripts to be synchronized with the source audio, making audio text fully searchable.


Transcription and Translation

AppTek’s proprietary speech recognition technology accurately converts spontaneous speech to text to create a comprehensive index of metadata, including transcripts and tags.

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