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24/7 Media Monitoring Around the Globe

Powered by AppTek’s ASR technology, the AppTek Media Monitoring Platform simultaneously captures, monitors, transcribes and translates media content from television broadcasts, telephony, radio, websites and social media.  The turnkey solution integrates with MT to provide a unified and scalable solution real-time for all media channel monitoring.  Available in multiple languages spoken around the world.

  • Enterprise-wide business intelligence extraction – extract emerging concepts and issues of business importance from untapped digital assets.

  • Enhanced Translation  – Simultaneous monitoring of multilingual domestic and international channels

  • Discoverable Data – Automates the real-time generation of transcriptions and translations, indexing live news feeds and multimedia archives

Multi-Channel Monitoring

AppTek automatically captures content from user-selected broadcast and social media sites into an easy-to-read format. Using our state-of-the-art ASR and MT technologies, media sources are translated, transcribed and analyzed to provide users with searchable information about any given subject across multiple languages. In addition, AppTek supports social media posting including metadata to construct interactions for social analytics tools from web media, Youtube, and more.


Media Monitoring Dashboard


  • High level graphical view via pie charts and heat maps of pre-defined search criteria that links to detailed content and translationsx
  • Displays monitored TV Channels, Websites and Social Media Networks
  • Media access to all content

Advanced Seach

  • Searches any keyword or topic in multiple languages
  • Advanced Search allows filtering terms by media source, date and country
  • Summarizes search results and highlights search terms in yellow.


  • ASR generates complete transcripts of any audio, voice or video stream
  • MT provides translations of transcripts and any other textual content
  • Transcripts and translations are time-stamped and synchronized to the audio/video

Information Access

  • Archives and stores unlimited multilingual content
  • Cross-language information retrieval
  • Ingests worldwide media
  • Custom alerts in near real time via email or SMS
  • Ability to bookmark, share, comment and tag selected media assets
  • Capability to edit videos
  • Ability to install different firewall zones within the platform to prevent external access

Reports & Delivery

  • Extracts relevant content as defined by the user
  • Report generation based on user requirements
  • Linguistic graphics automatically organize and present relevant data
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