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Automate captioning, subtitling and post-editing workflow

AppTek’s Workbench is a cloud-based media production platform that leverages its ASR and HMT to provide automated closed captioning, subtitling and rich metadata of audio, video and text in multiple languages.  The virtualized framework allows for a distributed workforce to simultaneously review the output, perform post-editing and implement quality control to ensure accuracy, flexibility and affordability.

Save money and time – Automates expensive, time-consuming manual tasks of transcribing, translating, captioning, subtitling and post editing media content.

Improve content management – Maintains accuracy and consistency across all production centers and content channels via the Workbench platform.

Monitor production management – Provides workflow performance metrics for quality and time of various production procedures and staff.

Monetize content – Engages with new multi-language audiences and allows for distribution on new platforms.

Workbench Key Capabilities

  • Automated closed captioning – This solution transcribes audio in multiple languages for closed captioning.
  • Automated subtitling – Transcripts are automatically translated by the integrated HMT and ASR platform to create aligned subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Voice-over scripting – Transcript timing for voice-over script adaptation.
  • Rich metadata creation – The technology converts speech to text to create a comprehensive index of metadata for search engine optimization for archives and libraries.
  • Flexible formats – The Workbench can handle a wide range of audio/text input and output file types, and various captioning and subtitling formats.
  • Multiple work sites – The Workbench allows a distributed workforce of transcribers and translators to post edit simultaneously on a single file or on separate files in a smart, efficient manner
Workbench Laptop

Easy to Use

The Workbench can produce automated transcripts for closed captioning, subtitling, and rich metadata for media production, monitoring and analytics. The transcripts generated by the ASR and HMT in the source and target languages are immediately available within the portal for editing to improve accuracy. With the click of a button, users can insert edited versions of the text back into the source video which the system automatically aligns with the original audio content.


Supported Languages

English   |   French   |   Spanish   |   Aribic   |   Brazilian   | Chinese   |   German   |   Greek   |   Japanese   |    Hebrew   |   Italian   |   Indonesian   |   Korean   |   Persian/Farsi   |   Hebrew   |   Portugese   |   Russia   |   Spanish   |   Tagalog   |   Thai   |   Turkish   |   Urdu  

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